5-2-1-0 AAP Diet Plan -John Roth MD

A few simple numbers to help solve the very complicated and growing problem of obesity.

According to data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Louisville ranks eighth as the fattest city in the United States.

Thirty-nine percent of Kentucky children are overweight led by greater than 50 percent of the urban and rural poor. These numbers foreshadow significant health problems for these children in the future with heart disease, liver disease, diabetes, gallstones and joint breakdown most likely. Besides the personal suffering this entails, our society will have the burden of increased healthcare costs and an unhealthy workforce. Continue reading “5-2-1-0 AAP Diet Plan -John Roth MD”

COVID-19 Update from Kaplan Barron

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As promised, we told you we would keep you updated. Here is what we are currently doing to protect our patients, parents, and community. This is ever changing so stay tuned!

We currently DO NOT have the capability to test for COVID-19 here at the office. If this changes in the future, we will be sure to let our community know but at this time, there is NO testing at private offices.

The doctors, management, and staff here at KBPG appreciate your patience during this time. It’s a learning curve for all of us but we will get through this together!