Pre-Natal Open House Visits in Louisville, KY

What to Expect When You’re Expecting

Congratulations! Becoming a parent is one of the most rewarding experiences in your life. Kaplan Barron Pediatric Group shares in your joy and enthusiasm. We look forward to many years of providing care and support to you and your new family.

Since 1948, it has been the mission of the Kaplan Barron Pediatric Group to make a positive difference in the lives of all children in Louisville, KY. Our professional team provides the quality care your child needs and the advice and counsel you want. Our board-certified pediatricians are dedicated to ensuring the healthy lives for you and your growing family both physically and mentally. If you would like to become a member of the Kaplan Barron Pediatric Group family, please contact our office at (502) 452-6337  and sign up to attend our open house today! Please Note: At this time, all open house visits will be virtual and offered through a Zoom meeting. 

Open House Visits

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Open House Visits at Our Louisville, KY Office

Open Houses are held the third Monday of the month from 6:00-7:00. Please call the office 502-452-6337 to schedule the month you would like to attend. Dates are as follows for 2021:

  • 1/18
  • 2/15
  • 3/15
  • 4/19
  • 5/17
  • 6/21
  • 7/19
  • 8/16
  • 9/20
  • 10/18
  • 11/15
  • 12/20

What you can expect from Open Houses:

  • You will meet the providers and staff at Kaplan Barron Pediatric Group and tour the office
  • The providers and staff will explain what to expect at the hospital and office visits

We are here to assist you with selecting a pediatrician and building a positive family-pediatrician relationship. Kaplan Barron Pediatric Group realizes this is an exciting and potentially somewhat confusing time which is why our pediatricians are here to help. The physicians and staff are available to answer any question you may have regarding child birth, immunizations, scheduling appointment, or any questions you may have regarding child care.

Our providers and practice is affiliated with the following Louisville, KY hospitals:

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We are so excited for you and your growing family! At Kaplan Barron Group, our pediatric staff is dedicated to providing the best care to both you and your child. For more information or to schedule an prenatal visit, please contact us at (502) 452-6337.

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COVID-19 Vaccines for Children 5-11

Kaplan Barron Pediatrics is excited with the release of COVID Vaccine for children 5-11! Our office now has COVID vaccine 5-11 or 12 years and up.

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