Newborn Care in Louisville, KY

Once your child is born, it is important that you have many different plans put in place for them. You have probably already gotten started by setting up a nursery or by buying several adorable newborn outfits for them to wear, but one plan of particular importance that many parents forget to consider during the prenatal process is selecting their pediatrician.

At Kaplan Barron, we are dedicated to providing comprehensive and compassionate care for your little one. Our pediatric clinic in Louisville, Kentucky specializes in offering expert Newborn Care services to ensure a healthy and happy start for your newborn.

Our experienced team of pediatricians are committed to supporting parents and newborns through this journey, offering a range of services to address your baby’s unique needs. Call our clinic at (502) 452-6337 to schedule an appointment.

Newborn Services Offered in Louisville, Kentucky

The earliest developmental stages are filled with so many incredible milestones for your baby, and it is ideal to have a medical professional present to review many of these milestones to ensure that your infant is in an excellent state of health.

Our pediatricians are able to track and measure your child’s progress using a variety of developmental screenings and examinations, which typically begin only a few weeks after your baby’s birth. We also provide many newborns with their first immunizations against deadly diseases such as polio, hepatitis B, rotavirus, and more.

In addition to standard treatments and examinations, your pediatrician from Kaplan Barron Pediatrics will be able to provide answers to many common questions asked by new parents. We are here to address any questions or concerns that you have about the health of your child, and we can also provide advice about common struggles with things like breastfeeding, sleep schedules, proper bathing techniques, and so much more! With flexible weekly hours and quick sick appointment scheduling, it will never be difficult to get an appointment with an experienced pediatrician in our office.

Even though it is possible for parents to find a pediatrician at any point in their child’s life, there are several key advantages to making this decision prior to your baby’s birth, including:

  • Reducing stress: Once your baby arrives there will be plenty to do, and although selecting a pediatrician is obviously very important, it can often fall to the wayside as parents are still just trying to keep up with their new child’s everyday needs.
  • Making an educated decision: Rather than rushing into just any pediatric office, your prenatal consultation gives you and your partner a chance to fully and thoroughly evaluate your options in terms of pediatric care. This is your chance to ask questions and become informed on why Kaplan Barron Pediatrics is the best choice for you and your growing family.
  • Seeing our facility: Come on in to our office in Louisville Kentucky and experience our environment first hand! Our friendly staff will be more than happy to give you a tour and show you what it will be like when you eventually visit us with your infant in tow.
  • Reviewing your health history: Many medical conditions can be passed genetically, meaning if a parent has a particular condition, their child is likely to have it too. By reviewing this sort of information, our pediatricians will have a head start in providing a personalized level of care to your little one, all before they are even born!

Now Accepting Prenatal and Newborn Patients!

Whether you are due in one week or in ten, it is never a bad time to contact Kaplan Barron Pediatrics for an appointment. Please call (502) 452-6337  today!

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