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As promised, we told you we would keep you updated. Here is what we are currently doing to protect our patients, parents, and community. This is ever changing so stay tuned!

🔸We are having designated well and sick exam rooms as well as well and sick doctors and nurses. Our goal with this is to prevent the spread of disease by keeping the well/sick kids quarantined to certain exam rooms and areas of the building, away from sick children. .
🔸Our staff is overly cautious cleaning and disinfecting patient rooms, waiting rooms, door handles, counter tops, chairs, pens, anything and everything we can wipe down to stop the spread of disease.
🔸We have removed all toys from the exam rooms and waiting rooms.
🔸You will check in as normal and then return to your car to wait until there is an exam room available. We will call you to inform you to come in the waiting and we will escort you to the exam room.
🔸We are asking you to PLEASE enter in the well door or sick door, depending on your child’s appointment. We have separate doors and waiting rooms for well and sick. If you are sick, PLEASE enter in the sick side and vice-versa. Our goal and your goal is to keep our well kids well and to stop the spread of diseases!
🔸If you are scheduled for a well check-up but have sick symptoms, please call our office so we can make the necessary adjustments. One, please enter in the sick waiting room because you have sick symptoms even if you are scheduled for a well check-up. Two, we might have to move you to another doctor depending on who is the sick/well doctor that day. If you can call us ahead of time, we can work with you to get what you need along with protecting all our other patients in the office as well.

🔹We currently DO NOT have the capability to test for COVID-19 here at the office. If this changes in the future, we will be sure to let our community know but at this time, there is NO testing at private offices.

The doctors, management, and staff here at KBPG appreciate your patience during this time. It’s a learning curve for all of us but we will get through this together!

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